Rishika @ NC State

Rishika Rishika is currently an Associate professor of Marketing at the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University. Rishika completed her doctoral studies in marketing at the University of California, Irvine. Prior to joining NC State, Rishika was on the faculty at the Mays Business School, Texas A&M University and at the Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina.

Rishika’s research focuses on econometric modeling of consumer and firm decision-making. Her main research interests lie in the area of social media analytics, multi channel retailing, online communities and issues related to marketing and IS interface. Her research has been published or forthcoming in top tier “UT-Dallas” business journals such as Management ScienceJournal of Marketing and Information Systems Research and other business journals such as Harvard Business Review. In her recent research, Rishika has examined how customer participation in firms’ social media efforts can subsequently transform their purchase behavior. Furthermore, from a firm perspective, she has studied how firms’ social media marketing communications interact with more traditional forms of communication such as television advertising and other forms of digital advertising. Her current research efforts are devoted to studying user behavior in online communities and multi-channel retailing issues. Rishika has taught marketing analytics, principles of marketing. new product development and marketing strategy at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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Contact Information:

Email: R.Rishika at ncsu dot edu
Phone: 919-515-6944


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Park, Eunho, Rishika Rishika, Ramkumar Janakiraman, Mark Houston and Byungjoon Yoo (2018), “Social Dollars in Online Communities: The Effect of Product, User and Network Characteristics,” Journal of Marketing, 82 (1), 93-114 (equal contribution by the first three authors).

Kumar, Ashish, Ram Bezawada, Rishika Rishika, Ramkumar Janakiraman, and P.K. Kannan (2016), “The Effects of Firm Generated Content in Social Media on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from Field Research”, Journal of Marketing, 80(1), 7-25, LEAD ARTICLE (equal contribution).
• Winner of Marketing Science Institute’s (MSI) research proposal competition 2014, “Social Interactions and Social Media Marketing.”

Banerjee, Syagnik and Rishika Rishika (2015), “The Art of Mistiming: How Interruptions Make Mobile Coupon Campaigns Effective,” Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing, 17, 101–113.

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• Finalist in the CIONET European Research Paper of the Year 2014.
• Media Mentions: TAMU Times, @Mays, Inc, Yahoo!Canada, Yahoo!Finance India, Fox Business, IEEE Computer Society, NetIndia123.com, Newstrack India, The Spectrum, Calcutta News, Albuquerque Express, Herald Globe, India4u.com, TruthDive, News Track India, Yahoo! India News, NewsroomAmerica, India Vision, News.SmasHits.com, Computing Now, Press News.org, Webindia123.com, Science Newsline, Phys.Org , Science Blog, e! Science News, Business News Daily, World News, Innovations Report, Noodls, High Text Verlag, Alpha Galileo Alpha Galileo (DE).

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